Peppermint Fury Safety Data Sheet


1. Company and Product Identification

Product: Peppermint Fury®, ready-to-use

EPA registration: exempt, FIFRA 25(b)

Manufacturer:   GardenCare Naturals, LLC

                                2300 Madrona Drive

                                Eugene, Oregon 97403  USA


Telephone:          1.541.344.7740

Recommended uses: pesticide, fungicide

Product family: botanical pesticide


2. Hazards Identification

not classified

Label elements: none required

Other hazards: no additional information available

Unknown acute toxicity: no data available


3. Composition/Ingredients

Peppermint Oil (active ingredient)

CAS# 8006-90-4

% by volume: 0.4% - 0.6%

Exposure limits: none established


Soap (inert ingredient)

CAS# n/a

% by volume: 0.2% - 2.0%

Exposure limits: none established


4. First Aid Measures

If in eyes: remove contact lens and flush eyes with water. Seek medical attention if redness, irritation or pain persists.

If on skin: wash exposed skin with soap and water.

If swallowed: rinse mouth with water, do not induce vomiting, seek emergency medical attention if feeling sick or nauseous. 

If inhaled: move exposed person to fresh air.


5. Fire Fighting Measures

Flash point: (active ingredient, corn mint oil) in its pure form      67 – 71˚ C

Flammable limits: not tested

Extinguishing mode: use foam, dry chemical, or carbon dioxide extinguishers. Spray with water.

Fire and explosion hazards: the ready-to-use product is not flammable.

Special firefighting procedures: none

Hazardous decomposition products: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, smoke, fumes, and unburned hydrocarbons and terpenes.


6. Accidental Spill/Leak Procedures

If spilled, ventilate area, wear gloves, absorb liquid with an inert absorbent material. Dispose of the empty container and absorbent material in accordance with local ordinances.


7. Handling and Storage

Wash hands with soap and water after handling product. Store in original container away from children and pets.  Keep container closed when not in use.  Do not refrigerate or freeze. 


8. Exposure Controls/Personal Protection

Avoid unnecessary exposure.  Wear protective gloves and safety glasses.  Wear approved mask if fumes cause respiratory issues.  Do not eat, drink, or smoke when using product.


9. Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical description: clear liquid with characteristic minty smell. Ready-to-use product is noncorrosive and chemically stable under normal conditions. 

pH  7.5 – 8.5

Boiling point >100˚ C

Relative density .99

Soluble in water

Odor threshold                                    no data available

Melting point/freezing point           no data available

Boiling point/boiling range             no data available

Flash point                                            no data available

Evaporation rate                                no data available

Flammability (solid/gas)                 no data available

Explosive limits                                    no data available

Vapor pressure/density                   no data available

Relative density (20˚ C)                    no data available

Partition coefficient                          no data available

Auto-ignition temperature            no data available

Decomposition temperature        no data available

Viscosity                                                no data available


10. Stability and Reactivity

Reactivity: no additional information available

Chemical stability: stable under normal conditions

Possibility of hazardous reactions: not established

Conditions to avoid: temperature extremes

Incompatible materials: strong acids and bases

Hazardous decomposition products: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, smoke, fumes, and unburned hydrocarbons and terpenes


11. Toxicological Information

 Active Ingredient:

Corn Mint Oil CAS#68917-18-0          LD50 data

LD50 oral (rat)                                         1240mg/kg

LD50 dermal (rabbit)                       >5000 mg/kg



Acute toxicity                                        not classified

Skin corrosion/irritation                    not classified

                                                                   pH 7.5 – 8.5

Serious eye damage/irritation       not classified

                                                                   mild eye irritant

Respiratory/ skin sensitization         not classified

Germ cell mutagenicity                    not classified

Carcinogenicity                                   not classified

Reproductive toxicity                         not classified

Specific target organ toxicity (single exposure/repeated exposure)         not classified

Aspiration hazard                               not classified


12. Ecological Information

Toxicity         no additional information available


Persistence and biodegradability

Corn Mint Oil (#68917-18-0)       no data available 

Peppermint Fury ready-to-use    not established


Bioaccumulation potential 

Corn Mint Oil (#68917-18-0)        no data available

Peppermint Fury ready-to-use      not established 


Mobility in soil                               not established

Other adverse effects          avoid release into the environment


13. Disposal Information

Waste treatment methods: do not reuse empty containers.  Dispose of empty containers and unused product in a safe manner in accordance with local/federal regulations.


14. Transport Information

In accordance with DOT.  Not considered dangerous goods with regard to transport regulations.  No supplementary  information available.


15. Regulatory Information

This pesticide product is regulated by the EPA and is subject to certain labeling requirements under FIFRA 25(b) minimum risk pesticide regulations.  These requirements differ from the classification criteria and hazard information required for safety data sheets and for workplace labels of non-pesticide chemicals.


The following precautionary and first aid information is shown on the label.

Hazards to humans and domestic animals: mild eye irritant, strong peppermint smell.  Do not ingest.  Wear waterproof gloves and protective eyewear when using product. Wear NIOSH approved type P95 particle respirator if fumes cause respiratory issues.  Wash hands after using product. 

First Aid: See Section 4.

Additional state, federal, and international regulations: no information available.

16. Other Information

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