Feedback and Reviews

"Great product!  I used this on a pretty bad infestation of rhododendron lace bugs and the leaves are looking a lot better and greener.  It also worked great on my old rose.  I cut off the branches with black spot and then sprayed the rose, and it hasn't come back.  I'm very pleased with it!"

-- Linda T.

"I recently discovered spider mites in one section of my outdoor cannabis plants.  I tried Peppermint Fury in the evening.  The next day I didn't see a single living mite on any of the plants.  I did a follow up spray in a couple of days and haven't had mites since then.  It seems to be a very good product for spider mites and I would recommend it to anyone with mite problems."

-- David H.

"I used Peppermint Fury for powdery mildew after trying several other natural products.  It worked unlike any other, stopping it immediately.  Only one badly hit plant required a second application.

On cannabis, I've used it a week before harvest and it made no difference in taste or quality.

Since then (a year ago), I've used it on roses for powdery mildew, and used it to eliminate an outbreak of aphids.  In May, after being caught in an unexpected rain, one plant had two spots of bud mold.  I bagged and removed the two buds, heavily sprayed the plant and fan dried it twice in 12 hours.  Harvested the plant a week later without any sign of recurrence.  I was stunned, as bud mold usually means the whole plant is trash. 

I've never found a more useful natural fix for roses or cannabis ever."

-- Kevin H.

"Peppermint Fury is a gardeners must have.  I have used the product for four years since Scot was working on the project to develop a natural safe method for ridding your garden of unwanted pests. Peppermint Fury was excellent on my rose garden to destroy aphids and white fly.  Also very effective on my cannabis for taking care of those nasty little bugs that may try to settle in.  Peppermint Fury works almost immediately -- bugs are dead in a matter of minutes and leaves no residue."

-- Michael A.

"The Peppermint Fury that we used on my Meyer lemon tree, which had some kind of fungal black stuff growing on it, has saved the life of the tree.  After one application, the tree is almost completely mold free."

Debrayh G., Veneta Garden Club

"Thank you for a great non-toxic product that WORKS!!  No need to put masks or gloves on when you use it.  Peppermint Fury works for the sugar ants -- I can spray it in my kitchen and know that it's safe.  My wife uses it in the Eugene Bakery and in our home.  Peppermint Fury works outside on my geraniums -- it kills the eggs from the white moths and reduces the green caterpillars.  Peppermint Fury also works well on white powdery mildew on plants.  And we are sure that there are a lot of other uses that we have not discovered yet.  We recommend Peppermint Fury and are very happy repeat customers!"

-- Stan B.

"I use this product as a quick deterrent when sugar or carpenter ants show up inside my house.  I love that it's natural and the minty smell is so much better than those other chemicals.  Safer for pets and the environment.  I need to try it outside in the garden, too.  I support local when I can!"

__ Gloria J.